First Behoof’s walk… in breathtaking Martindale!

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Ullswater in Cumbria Lake District from Birkie Knotts summit.

Well we can’t write on this blog all the time about Behoof’s things such as digital marketing, social media ad campaigns, web development, modern technologies etc.

I hope that you care to agree with us on this and so with weather being rather disappointing recently I decided to glare back on some more glorious days from not so distant past and share with you all that bit of sunshine that I found.

Now – I’m pretty sure that is something that no one would ever mind. Like never ever. If only possible! Technology (un)fortunately is not so advanced yet and Dr. Brown and Marty are only fictional characters still.

Anyway – feel free (as a matter of fact – please do so!) share this post especially with those who remain sceptical about good weather in Cumbria! ๐Ÿ™‚

Long time ago in galaxy far, far away Penrith, Cumbria, 12.05.2019

Yes… 12.05… Only a month ago, but how different to what’s painted outside of Behoof’s office windows now!
It was a Sunday if I remember correctly and after morning Mass in Penrith’s St. Catherine’s Church and no other plans made I decided to go enjoy weather and admire our local landscapes.

Starting point of my journey was set to car park nearby St. Martin’s Church in Martindale.
From Penrith it’s a roughly 30-45 min drive. For anyone not familiar with area – please see below for directions kindly supplied for us by Google Maps.

And here’s destination…

Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 1 Consulting Services & Web Development
St Martin’s Church, Martindale, Cumbria.

Starting point – Car park by the church.

As I always like (whether I can) to combine pleasure with productivity I knew that on my little road trip on the day like this there’ll be plenty opportunities to take a good photos. Hence my companionship this time was limited to AI world rep – “Scarlett”. In other words – a DJI drone. Very good one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2nd objective was to cross out some of Wainwrights that I haven’t marked off yet. That’s what drive in setting the walk directions.

So the plan was to start right behind St. Martin’s Church from Birkie Knott’s fell (unfortunately still not marked on Google), go through Steel Knotts and then join High Street (Roman Road) on the top of the fells, leap out to High Raise pike and then trace back my footsteps and head into Loadpot Hill direction ending my walk with Arthur’s Pike Ullswater view and Bonscale Pike. More or less it looked like that:

PS. By the way – that feature of drawing your own Google Maps and sharing options are awesome! I still got a lot to learn though so don’t be harsh on me this time please ๐Ÿ™‚

Birkie Knotts and Pikeawassa – Steel Knotts.

After leaving the car park you shall head towards back of the church. There’s faint grass path there that leads you over little terrain “lump”. Go straight through it and you will see first fell in front you. There’s many paths made by walkers over time so I guess it’s best to stick to the most popular ones. I kept going straight directly from car park, through grassy knoll and up the fell. Once on top (pic 1) there’s grass footpath to follow that will lead you to Steel Knotts (pic 2).

Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 2 Consulting Services & Web Development
Ullswater view from Birkie Knotts
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 3 Consulting Services & Web Development
Ullswater view from Pikeawassa – Steel Knotts

On my way to High Raise… and Behoof’s Office?

After passing Steel Knotts I followed the footpath that leads us downhill along the stone wall. When I had a chance I’ve crossed the wall to leave it on my left side now. As i was going through fell I found an abandon spot that would make a great office but… well… actually there was a few “but’s”!
Lack of a roof was one of them and poor fibre availability in the area – another. Other than that – sourced with fresh water, offering breathtaking views, peaceful and quiet, just as we like it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Past the house footpath splits in two directions. Left fork would probably lead you directly to Wether Hill and save you a lot of walking but my target was High Raise so I chose to go right this time. Follow it right to the top where it joins High Street (Roman Road).

Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 4 Consulting Services & Web Development
Anyone else interested? ๐Ÿ™‚
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 5 Consulting Services & Web Development
High Street (Roman Road) and view on Ullswater and fells in the middle that I’ve just walked through.
And a characteristic Red Roof farm down in the valley for those with the hawk eyes.

High Raise & (Roman) road back towards Arthur’s Pike.

To be completely honest – High Raise is completely out of the way on this walk. Yes, I know. But as mentioned before – I had my reasons as I’ve skipped it the other day and now I had to pay a price for it! Needless to say that was still a pleasure with weather like this.

Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 6 Consulting Services & Web Development
High Raise summit.
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 7 Consulting Services & Web Development
Wether Hill on the road to Loadpot Hill
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 8 Consulting Services & Web Development
Horse Riders on the Loadpot Hill.

Arthur’s Pike, Bonscale Pike and return to the car park.

After leaving Loadpot Hill I had last part of the walk left. That’s two fells reaching over Ullswater side. Both equally great stop for photos, moment of reflection, admiration. What can I say? I’m a designer. I’ve seen a lot of great design. I’ve made a loads of great design. But nothing compares to beauty of creation and complexity of it’s details. Take a look yourself!

Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 9 Consulting Services & Web Development
Arthur’s Pike with Ullswater background and Penrith further away in the back.
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 10 Consulting Services & Web Development
Bonscale Pike
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 11 Consulting Services & Web Development
Bonscale Pike’s towers
Cumbria First Behoof's walk... in breathtaking Martindale! 12 Consulting Services & Web Development
Nearly there! Zig-zags that lead back to Martindale Church.

And that’s it! It took me good 6 hours but it was well worth it. As mentioned before – High Raise was strictly optional in my case so that would save you a loads of time if you’d decide to follow my footsteps.

Please visit for more details on this walk as I always support myself with their information when going out. They are star!

Also if you like this read – we strongly encourage you to share it by hitting these buttons here below the article! ๐Ÿ™‚
Or if you’d care to find more about what we’re doing here in Cumbria at Behoof’s except for walking – feel welcome to do so!

Thanks for reading and see you around sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜€

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