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5 simple tips for setting SMART goals for your business

SMART goals introduction Hi all! I decided to write about SMART goals as they’re part of our process and to be honest – they’re often …

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Flash news

Digital marketing in Cumbria? Get up to stunning £4000 for your business!

Great news for anyone who can benefit from digital marketing in Cumbria! Yes, that’s you too! As a part of EU funding scheme ( England …

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4 tips on how to organize the learning process

The learning process is a never-ending journey I think that we all know how important it is to keep learning process organized instead of just …

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Top 10 principles of good (exquisite!) web design

Hi all! Welcome to the first Web Design related article on our site. It covers core basics of web design so I promise you it …

Ullswater in Cumbria Lake District from Birkie Knotts summit.
Out of office

First Behoof’s walk… in breathtaking Martindale!

Well we can’t write on this blog all the time about Behoof’s things such as digital marketing, social media ad campaigns, web development, modern technologies …