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We are focused on creating lightweight, modern and effective websites for both small and larger companies.

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Our Approach:

In the recent times - and not without good reason – the new way of creating websites, for which the term JAM Stack was forged, has been gaining more and more popularity.

What does that mean?

Huge benefits, when compared to the traditional approach utilising heavy databases. We recommend choosing this architecture for any project which makes it feasible - and in 2020 the possibilities of what can be delivered as a so-called static website (which in practice may be far from static!) - are vast.

So what exactly are the advantages?

You can find out more here:

Info About Jamstack

but in summary:

Better Performance

Static website is faster website - this means better Google rankings, more traffic and more money.

Higher Security

With static website there is no need to worry about server or database vulnerabilities. Its architecture is simple and reliable.

Less expensive

Static websites are just a stack of files that can be served from anywhere and hosting of static files is super cheap. With this solution, the cost of maintenance decreases significantly.


Static pages can be easily served through a whole network of servers located all over the world (CDN). A sudden spike in visits is not a problem.

Contact us and take the first step toward becoming one of the owners of a fast, secure and modern looking website that will set you apart from your competitors and make it easier for you to stay in touch with your clients.

Below you will find an approximate pricing list that will give you an overview of the options available. The final prices are set individually.

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Customers Portal

Our customers, for the entire duration of the relationship, are also provided with access to a dedicated panel, where they can receive quick support, track the progress of the project, and make easy and secure payments.

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