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Consulting Services

We love what we do here at Behoof Studio in Cumbria and overseas! We also do understand how important digital marketing is. That’s why by deciding to work with us you always get top quality premium consulting services. We will advise best and only best solutions.

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Web Development

By deciding to work with us you choose professionals that are always up-to-date with the newest, most recent and advanced technologies and IT solutions. We are proud to be there for you, leading the way in these vast WWW waters. Always offering products that your customers will fall in love with and that your competitors will be stunned by!

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Our Online Care Plans are essential to bring you a peace of mind when it comes to technicalities and background work on your online project. Regular backups? Security breach attempts? Traffic monitoring? Tens of other instruments that need checking? Sit down, stretch back and relax. We’ll fly this plane for You!

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SEO Strategies

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Online presence is all about traffic. Majority of traffic is generated by entries from search engines. Higher you are in ranks of Google, Yahoo and other major players in this field – more popular your business is going to be! More popular will it be – more customers you will attract. Everyone’s “googling” something nowadays! You just want to be there on top of the list of displayed results! We’re here to help with that!

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Security solutions

Your security is our priority. With a constant evolution of IT technologies -methodology of online attacks is changing regularly too! We’re keeping our fingers on the pulse at ALL times to prevent the attacks and keep your data safe and your site always up & running as well as available for customers 24/7!

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Professional Photography

Visual content plays a crucial role in any business as proven by many surveys and researchers. We’re teamed up with very talented local photographer who can get these stunning shots for you.  Please refer to her directly here or don’t forget to mention it while sending message to us. We will hook you up. 

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