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3d render of one of our projects.

You won't get product that we wouldn't love ourselves first

Here’s how we work

We start by researching trends and styles that are driven in your business. This helps us to understand your needs and expectations better and allows us to gain relevant knowledge that is going to be crucial in the design process.

Then it's time for coding. We provide you with a fully responsive website and deploy it to world-class secure hosting. We understand that you have different needs, so we offer diverse solutions.

You are now on our Care Plan for total peace of mind. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns and to make sure you are on track and that you are receiving the assistance and support you need.

Some of the tools we use

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Why work with us

Well thought out and considerate design

Tailored to you and your needs.


Last 7 Days Website Visits

10% Increase from Last Week


Last 7 Days Website Visits

10% Increase from Last Week

Flexible. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

No long term commitments.

Years of experience

We'll help you find the most straightforward and adequate solution.

Customer reviews

Clients love our websites & support.

But there is more

No matter which plan you are on, you can choose from dozens of widgets to make your website even more automated and interactive!

Instagram feed

Google reviews

Facebook reviews

Etsy reviews

Amazon reviews

WhatsApp chat

Testimonials slider

YouTube gallery

Facebook feed

Photo gallery

Social share buttons


PDF embed

Before/After Slider

And many more

Composition of screenshots from various projects.
M. Wilson Photography - Mockup with laptop and stationery.
Eco-tech - Mockup with Ipad and branded notepad.
Eco-tech - Mockup with a desktop computer standing on a desk. KP Joinery - Mockup with various devices.

Our team

Small team, driven by quality and with an eye to the details will dedicate your project all the attention needed. 

Portrait photo of Paweł Targoński

I'm an experienced web developer with a passion for finding simple and sustainable solutions in the field of an online presence. I have been creating websites for many years, both for small businesses and for large corporations as part of a team.

Paweł Targoński

Portrait photo of Jakub Janik

10 years of experience in Graphic Design and counting. Passionate about quality, well-done job. Amazed by new technologies, not afraid of bold solutions yet nostalgic about the beauty of the past centuries and grand designs of our forefathers.   

Jakub Janik


Got questions?

Qui rogat, non errat!

Do I really need maintenance plan?

Yes you do! Ask yourself a question - how often your phone is asking for an apps/OS updates? Modern websites are not really that much different from our phones. They're built of many independent elements, each one important on it's own and part of a grander design. We want our customers satisfied and able to make a most of our product for longest possible time. Maintenance plans are there in place to ensure this.

Do you offer discounts?

We're certainly open-minded and appreciate loyalty so if you've happened to be referred by one of our existing customers you can count on up to 30% discount.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

After handing you down your brand new website we're moving back into shadows where from we will continue to safeguard your site and carry on all related technical tasks untill you decide otherwise.

I'm not sure which package to choose?

That's okay - drop us a message via Signal / WhatsApp / Messenger / Twitter or good old e-mail and we will work something out together.

Didn’t find the answer? Contact us here

Let's get things done.

Reach out to us in the way most convenient for you. 

  • Find out if we're a good fit for your project

  • Start with a free discovery session

  • Unlimited revisions until you're happy with a result


Want to become a part of our team? Watch this space for new roles available within our business.

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